Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The primary objective of engaging a landscape lighting contractor is to enhance the beauty, usability, and safety of outdoor spaces through the strategic placement and installation of lighting fixtures. At Lowcountry Outdoor Lighting, we develop a lighting scheme that complements the existing landscape, architectural features, and pathways, as well as addressing any specific lighting needs or preferences of your property. Our team provides comprehensive lighting services, from initial design consultation to installation and maintenance of the lighting system.

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Expectations for the Landscape Lighting Contractor

Why LowCountry Outdoor Lighting

Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations and defining a comprehensive scope of work, we ensure a successful and satisfying landscape lighting project.

Professionalism and Expertise

We possess a high level of professionalism, expertise in landscape lighting design and installation, and a thorough understanding of electrical systems.

Quality and Safety

All work must adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety, using durable materials and ensuring all electrical installations are secure and code-compliant.


We work to maintain open and transparent communication with the client throughout the project, from the initial consultation to the final walk-through.


We also provide maintenance and support after the job is done. This includes warranty support and maintenance options, to ensure client satisfaction and the long-term success of the lighting installation.

Expectations for the Landscape Lighting Contractor

Scope Of Work

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment:

Meet with the property owner to understand their vision, needs, and budget. Conduct a thorough site assessment to identify key features, focal points, and areas requiring illumination for safety and security.

Design and Planning

Develop a lighting plan that aligns with the client's objectives, considering aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. Select appropriate lighting fixtures and technologies that suit the landscape's characteristics and the client's preferences. Provide the client with a detailed design proposal, including a layout of proposed lighting fixtures, types of lights, and any necessary electrical work.

Permitting and Compliance

We ensure that all necessary permits are obtained, and the project complies with local codes and regulations. Coordinate with utility companies if required


We conduct a pre-installation site visit to finalize the plan and prepare the site. Then we install lighting fixtures, transformers, and controls as per the design plan, ensuring minimal disruption to the existing landscape. Once completed, we test the installed system for functionality, adjust light positioning as necessary, and ensure all fixtures are securely installed and properly weatherproofed

System Integration and Customization:

We integrate the lighting system with any existing outdoor lighting or smart home systems, if applicable, and customize lighting controls for ease of use, including timers, dimmers, and remote control options.

Maintenance and Warranty

We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure the longevity and performance of the lighting system. And we include a warranty information for all fixtures and installation work.

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